Simple Instructions on How to Use Marcato Atlas 150 Pasta Maker

The Marcato Atlas150 Pasta Machine is a simple to use, table mounted appliance made for home use. It is a product of one of the largest Italy based manufacturers of pasta machines. The cooking tool in the Marcato Atlas150 Pasta Maker is coated with nickel and chrome. This machine features nine adjustable thickness settings, from 0.3mm to 2.5mm. The attached cutter has its own thickness settings as well, ranging from 1.5mm to 6.5mm.
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How to Prepare the Marcato Atlas150 Pasta Maker

When using the marcato atlas150 pasta machine, first clamp it firmly to the counter top or table you intend to use. You can do this using the C clamp, which comes with the machine.

Once the machine is firmly fastened, infix the machine handle to the appropriate roller hole. If you are using your Marcato Atlas150 Pasta Maker for the very first time, it is advisable to clean the metal using a dry cloth. This rids your machine off any lingering oil. You should also clean the rollers by cranking a small chunk of the dough several times through them. Discard the dough once you are done cleaning the rollers.

How to Make the Dough for Use in the Marcato Atlas150 Pasta Maker

If you want the perfect pasta, it is essential to make the perfect dough. You will need 1 pound wheat flour and five eggs. You will also need a bowl, a fork and an impeccably clean counter top or table. Firstly, put the flour in the bowl and pour the eggs into the flour center. Mix these two ingredients thoroughly with a fork until they are evenly blended.

Pour the contents of the bowl on a clean counter top. Carefully and gently knead the dough till you achieve the right consistency. Pasta dough should be soft and totally homogeneous. Once consistent, coat the dough using a thin layer of flour, knead a little then cut into small pieces.

How to Use the Marcato Atlas150 Pasta Maker

Pull the knob and twist to set the machine regulator to position one. This will completely open the pair of smooth rollers to about 3mm wide. Pass a small clump of the dough through the machine after turning the handle. Repeat this up to six times, folding the dough with a little flour to achieve the right texture.

Set Marcato Atlas150 Pasta Machine to 0.2mm, position 2, and crank the piece of dough through the rollers once it attains the right shape. Cut the resulting dough into 10 inches long pieces with a sharp knife. Infix the machine handle to the appropriate hole to operate the cutting rollers.

Once you fix the cutters of the Marcato Atlas150 Pasta Maker, set the rollers according to the kind of pasta you want. Pass the kneaded dough through the cutting rollers while slowly turning the handle. Place the sliced pasta on a rack to dry for about an hour. To enjoy delicious homemade pasta, just boil some water in a pan, add some salt and cook the pasta in a maximum of 5 minutes. That is how easy it is to operate the Marcato Atlas150 Pasta Maker.

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